"ERRESSE" was born in 1980 as a high-quality precision mechanical workshop working on behalf of third parties and specialised in customised production (based on customer's drawing) of special parts, components for plastic extrusion lines as flow channels, diverter blocks, die plates, false die plates, breakers, cooling rings, screenchangers, cutters, mono and multi-layer extrusion heads.

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The increase in number of new customers enables us to move into a new 1200 m2 building, employing 15 people and using a large number of high technology machines (90% of our machine tools are with the latest generation of N.C.). Over the last few years, we have become more aware of the need to design our own product according to all quality standards and high technical specifications. We have achieved this thanks to a 20-year experience in this field. For this reason, the object of our research has consequently become the screenchangers for plastic extrusion lines that we can now design and offer to users for a wide range of applications, sure to satisfy any requirements they may have. Company - Office
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  Thanks to our knowledge of the productive process of plastic extrusion lines,   acquired by assisting customers directly on their premises, we select the finest   and most suitable materials during design and production of our screenchangers.   ERRESSE has high technology, skilled and specialised personnel, control of quality   and production cycles, without neglecting constant research of new technologies.   We ensure the greatest reliability and the longest life of our products.

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  ERRESSE can follow customers' requirements, involving any stage from planning   to manufacturing special screenchangers, especially by interacting with   customer's technical departments in order to optimise the product installation.
  Our company can also provide complete after-sales service, installation and spare   parts supply

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  ERRESSE directly design, produce, sell and install our products as well as provide   a direct after-sales service. In addiction, thanks to an extremely lean and dynamic   company structure, a high automation level and a constant control of all production   cycles, we can contain costs and offer our screenchangers at competitive prices.

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